How We Invest

We thematically pursue investment opportunities in sectors and companies going through transitions when an immediate catalyst for capital exists. There is often situational or transactional complexity. Earnings are typically not fully mature or stabilized. Valuations are frequently misunderstood by more commonly organized, generalist or commoditized investors.

We believe our mandate and approach enables a richer investable universe. As a result, we can provide capital and resources tailored to each situation, making us more relevant to companies and stakeholders.

Post-investment collaboration occurs across multiple business plan levers, taking many paths to value creation.

Work-For-Value Commitment

  • We often find the best opportunities where there is more “work” than “risk”
  • We work closely with management on multi-year levers, including: Leadership development and talent acquisition, capital investment, scale build-out, strategy, capital structure, operations and clinical offering

Thematic & Adaptive

  • The majority of our investments entail longer-term, thematic pursuits supported by multi-year thesis development, research and origination efforts
  • We also prosecute one-off transactions that episodically arise through our proprietary network due to the unique needs of a particular target

Risk-Adjusted Orientation

  • We optimize risk & reward through a variety of investment structures that consider the sensitivities of our stakeholders and transaction-specific execution risks

Diverse Tool Kit

  • We utilize a range of investment instruments, designed to architect the optimal capital structure entry point and accelerate value creation

Why Work With Us

We are engaged and curious listeners. We offer founders, management, and shareholders expert resources, creativity in thought partnership, and access to networks throughout the journey to value.

As healthcare industry experts, we’re focused on providing differentiated and active support. We are not asset accumulators or generalists.

Alignment & Flexibility

  • Mitigate dilution and share upside with the most critical ongoing stakeholders
  • Maximize business plan runway
  • Adaptive to unconventional approaches to capture and enhance value

Resource Support & Collaboration

  • Experience scaling, performance enhancing and pivoting human capital intensive businesses
  • Proactive M&A sourcing and execution support
  • Tangibly leverage adjacent industry relationships to unlock growth
  • Talent sourcing
  • Infrastructure build-out

Responsibility & Impact

AHP deploys tailored capital solutions and specialized resources to improve mission-driven companies in the healthcare industry, facilitating enhancement across impact factors.

Impact Commitment

  • Identification of key impact factors during diligence leading to clear action plans intended to drive success
  • Action plans to reduce Environmental and Social risks and improve overall Governance
  • Assessment of ESG risk factors throughout the life of the investment
  • Continuing measurement and assessment of key impact criteria

Social Impact in 5 Focus Areas

  • Improving outcomes for patients
  • Reducing costs to the healthcare system by driving efficiencies in service delivery
  • Increasing access to care for underserved patient populations
  • Enhancing experiences of patients and providers
  • Providing training and education within our companies to develop a more versatile, productive workforce