The AHP team has been an invaluable, highly resourced and always available partner in the growth journey for the company. They have invested significant capital in the business to achieve operational efficiency which has enhanced the patient and physician experience. AHP is more than just an investor, the culture they seek to implement is one of partnership and collaboration defined by an appreciation of the many operational demands associated with scaling a differentiated services organization. Their ability to dig deep to support functional areas of importance to our growth plan has allowed us to accomplish more significant and rewarding milestones as a team. AHP plays a crucial role in supporting an organization that enables its physician partners to achieve clinical and operational excellence.

Matt Devine, Chief Executive Officer of Allied Digestive Health

I have managed through challenging turnarounds several times now, but never one quite this complex. AHP has been a steady partner, appropriately patient and supportive, providing directly or connecting me with valuable resources and out-sourced talent in the right ways at the right times.

Rob Waggener, Chairman of Promises Behavioral Health

The team at AHP has been wonderful to work with as we rapidly scale National Partners in Healthcare. AHP was obviously there for our capital needs, but more than that they have been thought partners who helped set our strategic direction, build our leadership team, and they have assisted us through many add-on transactions.

Mike Saunders, CEO & President of National Partners in Healthcare

AHP has a deep appreciation for the many nuanced considerations in growing founder-owned businesses in highly specialized areas of the healthcare industry. Their insights and strategic support related to service model development, organizational design, and sales and pricing strategies allowed our team to navigate an extraordinary growth path in a thoughtful and deliberate manner.

Bill Zaun, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of ClearHealth Strategies

The endorsements set forth on this page were given by Founders and/or Chief Executive Officers of certain portfolio companies invested in by the AHP investment team; such endorsements were not given by any current client of, or any investor in any fund or account managed by, AHP or its affiliates, and no compensation was provided by AHP or any of its affiliates for such endorsements.