March 7, 2022

DeliverHealth Unveils Its Connected Platform for Providers, Clinicians and Patients


MADISON, WIS. (PRWEB) MARCH 07, 2022 – DeliverHealth, a global provider of technology-enabled solutions for hospitals, health systems and group practices, announced today the official launch of the DeliverHealth Platform. Built to unify the point solutions in healthcare, the cloud-based software suite clears the way for essential, resilient connections among providers, clinicians and patients.

The platform connects DeliverHealth’s software capabilities and a client’s disparate point solutions into a single Azure-secure framework, while also offering a common data architecture and flexible data exchange that allows users to capture data once and use it many times to reduce end points, that create re-work and inquiries that complicate healthcare. From reducing physician burnout to accelerating reimbursement cycles to mobile-first patient engagement, each software capability of the DeliverHealth Platform is purpose-built, and enabled by practical artificial intelligence (AI), to solve for a systemic issue impacting healthcare today while still affording where needed and appropriate a human in the loop.

“Core to DeliverHealth’s mission is to clear the way for the healthcare connections that matter most – between clinicians and technology, providers and patients, and people and their health,” said Michael Clark, CEO of DeliverHealth. “We recognize there’s a better way to solve meaningful, real problems that hospitals and health systems experience daily. The answer is not always ‘more technology.’ We believe the greatest value is unifying the technology you’ve already invested in. We have been quietly building a platform to complement an already significant professional and managed services business.”

DeliverHealth spun out from Nuance in March of 2021, and has continued to grow organically, by acquisition and by expanded solution development.

The company’s platform-as-a-service, combined with DeliverHealth’s storied history in managed and professional services, cements the company’s position as a software and services company creating solutions that solve real-world challenges facing healthcare today. The DeliverHealth Platform and services will come together to solve for:

    • EHR Realization – From implementation and build to training and personalization, we are engaged to help our customers realize greater value from their EHR investment to meet the needs of an increasingly digitized hospital.
    • Documentation – Reducing physician burnout by giving clinicians multiple ways to create timely, accurate documentation while reducing staff and care team activities that get in the way.
    • Coding & Revenue Integrity – Powered by a centralized coding and audit engine, our best-in-class software and services reduces exceptions, integrates with specialty-specific, purpose-built AI to make better use of coders’ precious time, increasing automation and accelerates reimbursement cycles.
    • Digital Health – The industry’s only digital health ecosystem of digital front door software and omni-channel communications, giving patients the mobile-first experiences they’ve been asking for.
    • Security & Risk Management – Tech-enabled services to proactively assess and protect organizations against breaches and attacks.

“As we head into our second year of business, we will continue to aggressively pursue DeliverHealth Platform functionalities that support our mission to help providers, clinicians and patients,” Clark added.

For more information on the complete DeliverHealth Platform or to request a demo, visit Media briefings at ViVE and HIMSS 2022 are also available upon request. To schedule a briefing, please email

Our name says it all… DeliverHealth simplifies Electronic Health Record (EHR), patient engagement and revenue cycle complexities, so providers can spend more time delivering the care patients need and less on documentation and technology. Our platform of solutions and services clears the way for the healthcare connections that matter most, removing complexities from within health systems from the ground up and helping solve systemic issues such as physician burnout, the connected patient experience, and the transition to digital health. By building simplicity into documentation, codification, EHR realization, digital health patient experience, and security and risk management, we make sure your people, processes, technology and patients are aligned and engaged for better outcomes and greater success. With clients and operations in five countries, hundreds of successful EHR go-live deployments, and over three decades of Health Information Management expertise, DeliverHealth helps today’s providers prepare now for the future of healthcare. Visit, or find us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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