January 27, 2022

In KLAS report, DeliverHealth’s patient engagement solution earns top satisfaction scores as providers seek to deliver an effective digital front door


MADISON, Wis., Jan. 27, 2022 – DeliverHealth, a global provider of technology-enabled solutions for hospitals, health systems and group practices, announced today that its mobile-first patient engagement software has earned top customer satisfaction scores in a KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight report.

KLAS states in its recent Emerging Technology Spotlight on DeliverHealth’s Gemini digital health capability, “Though the software is relatively new, early adopters highlight DeliverHealth’s close partnership, proactive customer service, and strong go-live execution.”

Mac Boyter, Research Director, KLAS Research, said, “Of the clients we spoke with for our report on DeliverHealth’s Gemini Digital front door solution, 100% of the respondents when asked about their overall customer satisfaction reported being ‘highly satisfied.’ They also reported A+ metrics on all key performance indicators like supporting integration goals, and executive involvement.”

In addition, 100% of the customers surveyed said they would buy the patient engagement solution again.

KLAS, now in its 26th year, publishes unbiased customer data and insights on software, services, and medical equipment. Read more about DeliverHealth’s report here.

Michael Clark, CEO of DeliverHealth, said Gemini’s KLAS rating is good news for today’s healthcare clinicians and providers, who are struggling to reduce the complexities of patient access and care in a landscape dotted with disparate point solutions. Patients are demanding effective digital-first experiences, yet most health systems find themselves unprepared for digital experiences at scale: Recent surveys say nearly 65% of patients are willing to switch providers for a better digital experience.

“The time has come for healthcare to deliver true mobile-first, digital patient experiences, at scale, in a profitable way,” Clark said. “DeliverHealth’s expanding platform of technology-enabled capabilities and services aligns with our mission to simplify the complexities of healthcare for not only clinicians and providers, but also for patients desiring more impactful and effective digital engagement.”

Built on award-winning mobile software, Gemini strengthens providers’ existing health systems by creating a one-of-a-kind user experience to enable Electronic Medical Record (EMR) functionality, scheduling, payment, telehealth visits, health risk assessments, patient monitoring, wayfinding, and more, in a one white-labeled, client-branded application.

KLAS interviewed representatives of companies currently using Gemini, including a small standalone hospital and academic health systems. Each gave the DeliverHealth solution A+ scores across the board in overall satisfaction, including in areas of functionality, integration support, and executive involvement from DeliverHealth.

All also reported that they began seeing positive outcomes when using the product “immediately.”

Customers called out DeliverHealth’s strong partnerships and relationships, saying DeliverHealth “is as much of a strategic partner to us as they are a technical partner,” and that the company “frequently reaches out and talks about its road map.”

“KLAS is seeking to understand and codify what comprises a digital front door solution,” Boyter said. “Having spoken with live clients of DeliverHealth Gemini Digital front door solution, we were able to validate key functionality such as analytics and patient intelligence tools, advanced messaging alongside EMR integration and the ability to white label native mobile apps for seamless client facing interactions.”

KLAS concluded in its Spotlight report that “Gemini is well designed to support provider organizations as healthcare reimbursement practices move toward higher levels of value-based care that are partially based on patient satisfaction scores.”

To discover how DeliverHealth can help you engage your patients and drive customer satisfaction, visit https://deliverhealth.com.

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