November 18, 2020

DeliverHealth Solutions Formed to Simplify Hospitals’ EHR, Documentation and Revenue Cycle Challenges

BURLINGTON, Mass., Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DeliverHealth Solutions LLC (DeliverHealth), a new healthcare IT and revenue cycle services company, today announced its establishment as a proven, knowledgeable partner for hospitals and health systems. DeliverHealth was formed by Assured Healthcare Partners (AHP) in partnership with Aeries Technology Group (Aeries) from the carve-out of the health information management (HIM), transcription and electronic health record (EHR) services businesses of Nuance Communications, Inc. (Nuance). The HIM business of DeliverHealth will include both Nuance Transcription Services (NTS) and the eScription technology platform. The transaction is expected to be completed in early 2021 and Nuance will be a minority shareholder of DeliverHealth.

“Together, we’re all facing a ‘new now’ in healthcare, one that requires talented people and a sharp focus to prioritize patients over technology,” said Michael Clark, CEO of DeliverHealth upon the closing of the transaction. “Clinical documentation, revenue cycle and EHR complexity challenges have never been more prevalent or pervasive, negatively impacting physician satisfaction and an organization’s bottom line. DeliverHealth will simplify these challenges through decades of HIM knowledge, proven EHR expertise, and a consistent leadership and service team. We are grateful for the support provided by AHP, Aeries and Nuance to create what will be a winning formula for our customers and our dedicated team of more than 2,000 employees.”

As an independent company in today’s crowded healthcare IT and revenue cycle marketplace, DeliverHealth will differentiate its offerings with continuity of the senior leadership team, access to exceptional healthcare technology and a proven service organization. The company will build on HIM, transcription, technology and EHR services already in place while expanding into intelligent, technology-enabled revenue cycle automation and clinical documentation improvement services within the EHR’s workflow in 2021.

Through a proven team of dedicated healthcare professionals, DeliverHealth will achieve its mission to:

  • Remove productivity barriers in service delivery
  • Relieve physician documentation burdens
  • Redesign the customer service experience
  • Simplify how healthcare organizations connect with technology

“Our vision is to be a consistent, knowledgeable partner for hospitals and health systems by delivering a simpler documentation, revenue cycle and EHR experience,” said Clark. “Great accomplishments will come from DeliverHealth’s teamwork and mutual dedication to our customers’ success.”

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About DeliverHealth Solutions
DeliverHealth Solutions (DeliverHealth) simplifies EHR and revenue cycle complexities, so providers can spend more time caring for patients and less time on documentation and technology. With clients and operations in five countries, decades of health information management, and hundreds of EHR ‘Go Live’ deployment experiences, DeliverHealth offers solutions across multiple specialties in hospitals, health systems, and physician groups.

About Assured Healthcare Partners®
Assured Healthcare Partners® (AHP®), an extension of the Assured Investment Management® platform, provides capital solutions supporting growth, consolidation, and repositioning opportunities in the healthcare services industry. AHP leverages company and sector-specific research, as well as creative structuring and capital flexibility, to unlock value for portfolio companies and investors. AHP has extensive experience investing in provider-centric businesses, which are DeliverHealth’s customer base, including post-acute care facilities, physician groups, multi-site providers, and acute care facilities.

About Aeries Technology Group
Aeries Technology Group (Aeries) offers outsourcing solutions, business process management, and technological advancements to organizations seeking higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility, and cost savings. The senior management team at Aeries has extensive experience successfully managing, developing, and optimizing healthcare service businesses.

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